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If you are a victim of organs of the legislative, executive or judicial branch of the Federal Republic of Germany, please contact the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command

Help and assistance from the CID may be needed at this time. If you are a victim of organs of the legislature, executive or judiciary of the Federal Republic of Germany, please contact the CID immediately. Since the FRG is subject to US occupation law until 2099, SHAEF applies in times like these, so that the CID can take action. Everything that the FRG administration orders in connection with CORONA has no legal basis, including PCR tests and vaccinations. If you belong to the group of those affected, please contact CID immediately. In the attachment you will find all offices in Germany including telephone numbers and email addresses. Save the phone numbers on your mobile phone in case of emergency. In the event of an attack on the FRG organs, you clearly indicate that you are applying US law / SHAEF on the basis of the Occupation Act. Bring your case to CID and, if necessary, file a claim for damages in a US or Canadian court. (See Dr. Reiner Fuellmich at https://www.fuellmich.com/).


5th Military Police Battalion (CID)
Military Address:
HHD, 5th MP Bn (CID)
5th MP Bn (CID)
Unit 23119
APO AE 09054-3119
Civilian Address:
Amerikanische Kriminalpolizei
Mannheimer Str., Geb. 3212
Kleber Kaserne
67657 Kaiserslautern
Amerikanische Kriminalpolizei
Postfach 1507
67604 Kaiserslautern
DSN: 314-523-3002/3
Commercial: 0611-143-523-3002/3003
Calling from the U.S.: 01149-611-143-3002/3003
Email: usarmy.rheinland-pfalz.3-mp-gp.list.5mp-bn-cid@mail.mil

European Digital Forensics Examiners
Digital Forensics
Unit 23119
APO AE 09054-3119
COM: 49-631-411-7428/6970
DSN: 314-483-XXXX
FAX: Ext. -6996
Email: usarmy.rheinland-pfalz.3-mp-gp.list.5mp-dfe@mail.mil

European Fraud Resident Agency
Major Procurement Fraud Unit
701st MP Group (CID)
Unit 29701
Kleber Kaserne
Kaiserslautern, Germany
APO AE 09054-9701
DSN 314-483-6976/6981

Baumholder CID Office
481st Military Police Detachment (CID)
Unit 23813
APO AE 09034
Civilian Address:
Amerikanische Kriminalpolizei
Gebaeude 8720, Aulenbacher Str.
55774 Baumholder
COM from U.S.: 011-49-143-531-2810/2820
COM from Germany: 0611-143-531-2810/2820
DSN: 314-531-2810/2820
Email: usarmy.baumholder.3-mp-gp.list.baumholder-cid@mail.mil

Kaiserslautern CID Office

515th Military Police Detachment (CID)
Unit 23119
APO AE 09227
Civilian Address:
Bldg 3244 Kleber Kaserne, Kaiserslautern
E-mail: usarmy.rheinland-pfalz.3-mp-gp.list.kaiserslautern-cid@mail.mil
Phone: +49 611-143-523-5004
DSN: 314-523-5004/5046

Stuttgart CID Office

515th Military Police Detachment (CID)
Unit 30401
APO AE 09107
Email: usarmy.stuttgart.3-mp-gp.list.stuttgart-cid@mail.mil
COM: 011-49-711-680-2976/2974
DSN: 314-430-2976/2974
DSN Fax: 314-430-2970

Wiesbaden CID Office

481st Military Police Detachment (CID)
Unit 24302 Box 18
APO AE 09005
Email: usarmy.wiesbaden.3-mp-gp.list.wiesbaden-cid@mail.mil
Phone: 011-49-611-705-6554
DSN: 314-546-6354/6300

Ansbach CID Office

Unit 28717
APO AE 09177
Civilian Address:
Amerikanische Kriminalpolizei
Gebaude 5917-D Wing
Katterbach Kaserne
91522 Ansbach
COM: 011-49-9802-83-2489/3504
DSN: 314-467-2489/3504
DSN Fax: 314-467-2485
Email: usarmy.ansbach.3-mp-gp.list.ansbach-cid@mail.mil

Grafenwoehr CID Office

262nd Military Police Detachment (CID)
Unit 28130
APO AE 09114
Civilian Address:
Amerikanische Kriminalpolizei
Gettysburg Ave 540
Im Lager, Tower Barracks
92655 Grafenwoehr
COM from U.S.: 011-49-9641-70-569-2205/2210
COM from Germany: 09641-70-569-2205/2210
DSN: 314-569-2205/2210
Email: usarmy.grafenwoehr.3-mp-gp.list.grafenwoehr-cid@mail.mil
Phone: 011-49-9641-83-7339
DSN: 314 569-2205

Hohenfels CID Office

262nd Military Police Detachment (CID)
Bldg. 376,
Hohenfels Training Area
Unit 28216
APO AE 09173
E-mail: usarmy.hohenfels.3-mp-gp.list.hohenfels-cid@mail.mil
Phone: 011-49-9472-83-2654
German Investigator Liaison: 011-49-9472-83-3366
DSN: 314-466-2826

Major Cybercrime Unit Europe Office
Unit 24319, Box 74
APO AE 09005-4319
Email: usacidc-cciu@mail.mil
COM: 001-49-143-565-6249/6250
DSN: 314-565-6250/6249


Dê uma olhada por aqui na minha galeria de automóveis históricos. Conheça as minhas obras de arte e o que fascina tanto meus clientes. Se você não encontrar o que está procurando, entre em contato comigo - teremos prazer em ajudar. Em https://creative-palace.com, você encontrará toda a nossa gama de arte fotográfica.

belezas-automoveis-do-seu-tempobelezas-automoveis-do-seu-tempoSom da liberdadeSom da liberdade


The legendary annual calendar 2021 of Orfeu de SantaTeresa

arte - belezas automóveis do seu tempo

- Format: portrait format (W 42 x H 59.4 cm)
- high quality digital printing on calendar paper (250 g / m²)
- metallic spiral binding including hanger
- 13 sheets (cover sheet and monthly sheets can be designed)
- Limited edition worldwide 888 pieces

Our offer € 36.95

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arte - belezas automóveis do seu tempoarte - belezas automóveis do seu tempo

Fotokunst - eine Auswahl...


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